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Tucked in amongst the hills between Gin Gin and Mt Perry we have created a happy little setting where people can come and have great fun learning, training or just spending quality time with their horses and dogs. 

Great experiences create great connection so whether its  with your horse, your dog, your friends or all three... Come on out and enjoy everything Bakersfield has to offer. We look forward to meeting you. 

Leave your worries at the gate....


Greg & Kathleen 


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Experience the beauty and intelligence of Bison!
Use our well trained, graceful Bison to grow confidence and skill in both yourself and your horse. They're so patient and calm, everyone loves the Bison.

Check out whats on at Bakersfield

Clinics, events, lessons and more catering to all aspects of horsemanship, cow horse and dog training. 


Sheep & Cattle herding for Town & Country dogs. 

Training and facilities for everything from starting pups to refining trial dogs and even just exercise for the town dogs. 

Use our dog friendly Dog-Go-Round pen for your dog to run to his heart's content.

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