Bakersfield is a family farm owned by the Bakers, Greg, Kathleen. A lifelong love of livestock and the land has morphed into a business based on creating positive experiences for animals and their humans. 

Bakersfield arena has become a hub for fun and learning, a place for people to come along as they are, at whatever stage and submerge themselves in creating a connection with their horses and dogs through good stockmanship practices.  

Great experiences create great connections and that's what we all strive for with our animals. The safe, friendly and controlled environment at Bakersfield allows folks the freedom to feel relaxed, un-judged and supported when participating at our events. 

Leave your worries at the gate....


Creating connection and meaningful  moments for animals and their humans.....  

Experience the beauty and intelligence of Bison! Use our well trained, graceful and calm Bison to grow confidence and skill in both yourself and your horse.

Sheep and Cattle herding for all types of working bred dogs. Training and facilities for everything from starting pups to refining trial dogs and even just exercise for the town dogs. 

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               Home of the                DOG-GO-ROUND
a new and safe training system for your dogs.
Come and try it out!

Clinics, events, lessons and more catering to all aspects of horsemanship, cow horse and dog training.