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Need some help? Itching to learn more?
We're here to help! We have standard lesson and coaching options or we can tailor make a package to suit you... Chat with us


Would you like to see your dogs natural instinct?

Would you like to know how to train your dog to work stock?

Would you just like to work on obedience training in the presence of stock?

$80 Per Hour 


Lessons at Bakersfield with Greg are

a great way to build connection,

better understand your dog and the

dynamic of your relationship .

Greg has a holistic and mindful

approach to helping you problem solve

through behavioural issues that arise and to

help define and achieve your goals with your dog. 

Greg's specialty is with herding breeds and harnessing their natural intellect and instinct to build a working relationship and communication style built more on understanding then control. 

Lessons at Bakersfield come with full access to 

- Trained Sheep

- Trained Cattle 

- Dog-Go-Round 

- Fully enclosed Arena 

- Obstacles

- Open Paddock Training


Would you like to work your horses on stock?

Would you like to learn how to introduce your horse to stock?

Would you just like to gain confidence with stock?

$100 Per Hour 

At Bakersfield you get the unique

opportunity to come and take advantage

of our well trained stock. We have lovely

quiet and stead cattle as well as our

brilliant Bison. You can go as fast or slow

as you like, we have stock to suit all needs.

Greg and Kathleen can introduce beginners to

the art of working cattle and help you and your horse gain confidence. 

If you have a competition horse that needs slowing down and refining....this is the perfect place to do it!

Lessons at Bakersfield come with full access to 

- Trained Bison

- Trained Cattle 

- Ranch Sorting Pens 

- Fully enclosed sand Arena 

- Obstacles

- Mechanical Cow



Would you like to feel more confident in the saddle?

Would you like to ride better and create a better connection with your horse?

Would you like time with your horse to be more enjoyable and less frustrating?

$60 Per Hour 


Horse riding and Horsemanship lessons 

with Kathleen or Greg are a great way 

to find that real enjoyment and love of

riding again. Our lessons consist of

gaining a deeper understanding of your

horses behaviour and needs and also some 

mindset awareness for the rider. We focus on solid

fundamentals and correct and well balanced technique. We strive to help horse and rider both find knowledge, confidence and softness together to create a safe and fulfilling partnership. 

Lessons at Bakersfield come with full access to 

- Fully enclosed sand Arena 

- Mechanical Cow

- Obstacles

- Roping and Whip cracking dummies 


Let us know what you're after and we'll taylor make a package to suit you. 

  • Private Bookings

  • Group Bookings

  • Parties

  • School Groups

  • Team Building Events 

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